Malý Raj Residence

Malý Raj Residence is an ambitious residential project that includes the construction of modern 3 and 4-story apartment buildings. This project is divided into three phases, with a multifunctional building to be added in the second phase, making the complex even more attractive and functional for its residents.

Design and Sustainability

The Malý Raj Residence project is designed with an emphasis on:

  • Long-term functionality: Our architecture is planned to serve its purpose long-term, providing comfort and safety.
  • Harmonious integration into the locality: We strive to ensure our buildings naturally blend into the surrounding landscape and contribute to its beauty.
  • Minimal environmental impact: We use eco-friendly materials and technologies that minimize our ecological footprint.
  • Economy and eco-friendliness: All buildings are designed with energy efficiency and economy in mind.

Check out the renders and video below to get a better idea of what Malý Raj Residence will look like upon completion.


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